2015/2/12 01:29:52

New auroral all-sky imager at McMurdo (Arrival Heights), Antarctica!

In January 2015, Watec Monochromatic Imager (WMI) was installed at Arrival Heights near McMurdo Station, Antarctica (latitude 77.9°S, longitude 166.7°E). The WMI acquires 558-nm, 630-nm, 670-nm, and color all-sky images using 4 small CCD cameras (exposure: 4.3, 4.3, 1.0, and 4.3 sec, respectively). Now, the WMI is standing by for auroral season (March-September).

This project is supported by National Science Foundation (A-111-M/S, "Synoptic geospace systems analysis using instrumentation from South Pole and McMurdo Stations", PI: Dr. Andrew Gerrard, New Jersey Institute of Technology), and Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE). This collaborative work includes operation of the existing all-sky imager (ASI) at South Pole Station (latitude 90°S). Please visit the portal site ( for more details about the ASI at South Pole.

  • WMI observations at South pole and McMurdo stations

  • arrivalheights.JPGA photo of Arrival Heights, which is about 15-min drive away from McMurdo town. WMI is installed on the roof of the white US building. At Arrival Heights, various scientific instrumentations including magnetometers, riometer, MF radar, and lidar have been operated.

    wmi.JPGA photo of WMI