2019/6/13 09:32:59

A friend's visit

Ms. XINZHAO CHU, who has been staying at the Polar Research Institute before, has visit to our group!!
She said she had a stop to exchange information on the results of lidar observations in Antarctica.
Ms. XINZHAO CHU is a professor at the University of Colorado in the United States and specializes in lidar observatory research in the upper atmosphere of the upper layer.She used to stay at the polar research institute to exchange information on the system development of the resonant scattering lidar and to collaborate on iron atomic layers that sometimes appear in the thermosphere. So she visited in a friendly atmosphere as if she was came home!
This time, she was asked to be invited to a lecture by JpGU held in Makuhari and she came to Japan.
Ms. XINZHAO CHU is always bright and powerful, and she gave us a power while spreading the sun-like smile around all the time!
We are all waiting you to stop by again!