2019/4/3 10:33:44


We received a nice message from Prof. Gunnlaugur Bjornsson of the University of Iceland, who had been a sabbatical as a foreign researcher from February 6th to March 23rd!

During his stay we called him "Guri-san".
He is an impressive teacher with a warm eye and a friendly smile.
We sincerely hope that he will be here again.

Thank you very much for your message!!

Dear Kadokura-san,

Thank you very much for your generous hospitality during my stay at
NIPR. Please, also convey my sincere thanks to all members of your
group that I met during my visit. I had a very pleasant and productive
time and I enjoyed the lunch conversations very much. It was very
interesting for me to learn of the different research activities at
NIPR as well as the facilities available for instrument calibrations
and data analysis. Very impressive.

Please, also thank Director General Nakamura for his support during my stay.

Best wishes to you all


Gunnlaugur phd.jpg