2019/4/4 15:26:21

Soken Award!

Mr.Kogure who graduated from Soken University of the Polar Reserch Institute this spring, and he received the Soken Award!!

Sokendai(The Integrated Research Graduate University)is a unique concept in the world that trains top reseachers by conducting doctoral course education using the excellent human resources and research environment possessed by university joint use institutions.

The university was established in October 1988, and develops doctoral personnel at 18 research institutes.

Every year,many outstanding students from there are drained to the world, among these, student from the Polar Research Institute won the Soken Grand Prize, which is sent to particularly outstanding student!

Congratulations, Mr.Kogure!kogure_suguru.jpg


※Crystal trophy looks like a hologram, and when viewed from above it emits light like beautiful aurora.