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Fan-shaped aurora as seen from Japan during a great magnetic storm on February 11, 1958

Ryuho Kataoka, an associate professor at Space and Upper Atmospheric Sciences Group, will clarify the color, movement, position, time zone, etc. by focusing on the actual conditions of large fan shaped aurora, and auroras witnessed in various places in Japan in 1958.

Associate Professor Kataoka, together with Professor Fujita Shigeru of the Meteorological University and Professor Yamamoto Kazuaki of the National Literature Research Museum, paid attention to the aurora observed in various places in Japan in 1958, and has not been used for conventional analysis, at that time By analyzing a combination of fan-shaped aurora sketches of the Meteorological Agency staff and continuous photographs of aurora and spectral observation data, we have elucidated the actual situation ("color", "motion", "position", "time zone") The fan-shaped aurora has been proposed to be one of the basic features of the aurora form that occurs in mid-latitude regions during large-scale magnetic storms.


One of the materials used for clarification this time is aurora serial photographs of microfilms taken in 1958.
We wear gloves in our hands to prevent fingerprints from sticking to the roll of old film, and read each one carefully, taking care not to scratch the film. However, when the video was read on a large monitor after the loading, the motion of the 1958 Aurora was very impressive.

The most difficult part of this time was the alignment of the photos to make them a movie. Since the film is read one by one, it is necessary to align all the photos in the same position so that the photos do not shift when making a movie, but the film itself can not be seen very dark and well In contrast to digital, the graininess of the film interferes with the accuracy, and while doing hesitation on the monitor, it was aligned several times, and finally it was completed.(by Shiori Uchino)


Original Article

Journal: Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate
Title: Fan-shaped aurora as seen from Japan during a great magnetic storm on February 11, 1958
Authors: Ryuho Kataoka1,2, Shiori Uchino1, Yasunori Fujiwara1,2, Shigeru Fujita1,3 and Kazuaki Yamamoto4
1 National Institute of Polar Research, Japan
2 SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), Japan
3 Meteorological College, Japan
4 National Institute of Japanese Literature, Japan
DOI: 10.1051/swsc/2019013
Publication date: May 17, 2019