2020/6/18 20:29:22

Auroral Quicklook Viewer of NIPR ground-based network(AQVN)

We are pleased to announce that the auroral quick-look viewer of NIPR ground-based network (AQVN) is available on the NIPR website:

AQVN was created to easily find various auroral phenomena (e.g., auroral breakup, discrete aurora, pulsating aurora, etc) and check weather conditions at the observatories. Currently image data at 12 stations in Arctic and Antarctica are available.

AQVN has the following functions:
- To display image data for 1-site and also multiple sites.
- To display 24-hour and 2-hour keograms.
- To run image data as animation.
- To add the geomagnetic coordinates (direction) on the image.

Please contact the AQVN Development Team (uapdata [at] at National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR), Japan, if you have any question and/or request about AQVN. AQVN_s.jpg